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Moon Rocks

Time found me...

Or I found time,

Either way, I’ve seen an end to me.

I don’t know where that life is or if I’m truly living it,

But I know how to find the answer.

These visions come with wind,

A howling wind,

Constant gusts that exist to wrap bones whole.

So loud,

The roar in my ears can be seen in the screaming squint of my eyes,

The kind of loudness that immediately reminds you to embrace the silence the next time you have it.

There will be no next time and I know...

These visions are flashbacks,

These flashbacks are memories,

Or they are something that will or is happening to me.

I’ve felt the end...  the sacrifice in that trip.


Now I’ll find that place,

I just can’t leave it.

They’ll call me crazy,

But maybe that’s the secret.

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