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The day that they met, the world stopped spinning for the smallest fraction of a second,

It stopped in wonder,

It stopped in awe,

“...they met,” the Universe said in a slight, static gasp,

The Earth whispered into a breeze, “...everything changes now... for everyone, forever.”


It wasn’t as if two lovers that were meant to be had met.

It wasn’t that soulmates had intertwined.

It wasn’t the fate that you know,

Not the destiny that you can imagine,

Beyond a fairytale,

Bigger than we can fathom.


It was something that doesn’t happen in this infinite Universe,

In this place of multiverse theories and parallel Universes.

The endless options from the start of time

...until the end of it all, 

Yet the impossible happened.


The thought of true perfection in the combination of all living beings... 

In the vastness of all that is hopeful, Something nearly impossible to comprehend and yet it happened in this lifetime of humans on this planet.

These 2 people met and loved in a perfection that had never been known,

And will never be experienced again.



I could try to explain the connection of 2 souls that fought through past lives,

The chaos inside the pain, 

The unknown outcome of chances taken with no known end,

Pleading with a maker for chances to live again in hope that they’d find the person that they feel, but have never met,

And in every life, looking at everyone and knowing it’s not them.


But I don’t think that I am fully capable of explaining something like this.

It can only be felt by 2 people,

And not nearly imagined.

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