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My Doll

She laid breathless,

Spread across the hotel sheets.


On her back, her eyes were open and pointed towards the window,


The curtains open, with the blood on the mattress, thick and soaked in.


A laced piece of fashion was decorative around her neck,


It was stained with blood and it was something that I will never forget.


I grabbed her body to hold her close... in disbelief.


There was blood everywhere,


...from my hands to her feet.


"What happened my love...? Who did this to you?"


My tears dripped and landed on her porcelain cheeks


"My perfection is gone and I feel so confused..."


"I can not go on without you, what will I do?!"


The room smelled like cigarette smoke and there it burned in the ashtray,


A wine glass half empty and stained with her lipstick of today.


Lipstick smeared off of her lips and her mascara ran,


Her tears were dry and her big ring was on her hand.


As I laid there holding her, trying to wish her back to life,


I looked down and saw her writing on the sheets... written in her blood. 


Putting her down, I gently laid her head,


I pulled the sheet straight and this it was it said, 


"I am sorry my love, I said that I would never leave. I hate for you to see me like this, but I know who did this to me. It was the love of my life and now you say, 'who?' You were crazy enough to love me, but crazy enough to kill me too."

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