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One More Time Around

Where are you now? 


Alone, I'm nude in the fog


I can hear nothing but small waves crashing and my own calmed breathing


I cannot see much further than I can touch


Waiting for the voices to instruct


I hug myself as I feel a chill


My skin is warm, but the air is cool


Behind me are bloody footprints 


...and in front of me, they are wet.


Not knowing if I should proceed, I look around, take a deep breath, "...I can't stay still"


Whether this is happening to me or for me, I am wondering if the destination is certain


I do not know if they are watching me


I do not know if I am being tested


I do not feel like I am sleeping


I do not know if I am dead



Like the acceptance of a match to a flame, I uncover my body with my arms and return them to my sides


I clinch my jaw not with anger or focus...

But with one last grip on reality... before I find out what is next.

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